Frequently asked Questions

Q: When can I apply for my practical test?

A: You can take your practical test once you have passed your theory and once you are ready.

Q: What happens if I fail my theory test?

A: Either you can re-apply on-line here theory test. or we can book it for you.

Q: How do I book my practical test?

A: You can book it online here driving test

Q: When will I take my test?

A: Your test will be anytime from the following day after you have booked it, the waiting time will be up to 75% less time booking with us than booking through the current driving standards agency waiting time.

Q: How will I be told when my practical test is?

A: Once you have booked your practical test you will receive a notification text straight away and the practical test could be the same day or a few days after you have submitted the request.

Q: will I take my test in the same car that I’ve been learning in?

A: You will as long as your instructor and their car are available.

Q: How do I get correctional lessons if I fail?

A: If you fail you will receive an email with a link attached where you can book correctional lessons. Although you must attend the full course and provide the Driving Test Report (DL25)

Q: If I fail my test how do I re-apply?

A: If you fail your test you will receive a text message with a link where you can reapply online.

Q: What happens if I’m not ready to book my test at the end of the course?

A: You can arrange for further lessons with a friend or family member or one of our instructors. If you choose to take some more lessons with us you can still use one of our cars and our “fast track” service once you feel you are ready.

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