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This package includes 30 hours worth of driving and the pupil will have three attempts to pass, which means we can provide the instructor car and pay for the test,if the student fails all three attempts he/she will have to pay for another one of our intensive courses such as our five hours intensive course. Full Price is £1199.

To secure your place you will need to pay a deposit of £200 non refundable.


Our Driving School delivers quality driving lessons through local expert driving instructors in all boroughs of London and throughout the UK. Grab our special Super Gold package with unlimited support.

Full Price is £1995, this is a pass guarantee which means we will provide extensive support until you pass.

To secure your place you will need to pay a deposit of £200 non refundable.



Why not take our standard Intensive Driving Course? If you are in a tight schedule but need to take a driving lessons or just want to brush up on your skills.

This package includes twenty hours driving plus the test booking fee and instructor car all included in the price.Full Price is £749

to secure your place you will need to pay a deposit of £200 non refundable.

for more information please call us toady.


Learn to drive with our reliable, friendly and professional drivers and improve your chances of passing your test. Learn to drive in 1 to 2 weeks with Week days intensive driving revolutionary driving system and driving products. Everything you need to make learning to drive quick and easy. Book with us now!

Enroll in the best intensive driving courses in London

There are several reasons to choose a driving school. The most prominent one is thesurety to learn driving in short time. If you have a vehicle, and still don’t know to drive, then Week days intensive driving school is offeringa solution. We have designed special intensive driving courses in London, that are planned to accommodate all types of customers.

Open house for all

Serving for many years, our staff has built enough capabilities to tackle all situations. Some people know todrive, but lack confidence. The hesitation to drive the car in busy traffic is the most common problem. We don’t tell you about traffic norms, but train you on the road. We claim to makeyou a professional in limited time.

The quality of learning is highly dependant on the pupils. If you are sharp in learning, then the best  intensive driving courses in London will polish your skills quickly.

Week days intensive driving school is a brand to trust. Our customer network chain occupies all the London. Our trained students are drivings safely and confidently. The company envisions to lead the market and provide the best quality service. We also offer driving instructor courses. These are designed to guide the drivers and those who want to take it as a profession.


LEARN TO DRIVE WITH Week days intensive driving



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